Presented by exhibitors, our Masterclasses are an opportunity to learn from the experts


Masterclasses take place on both days of the Show

Each is between 30 and 50 minutes long. Below is the timetable of the Masterclasses from 2018.

Full details of Masterclasses for 2019 will be available soon.

Saturday 3 March

An Introduction to Passivhaus
and how to Simplify Passivhaus Design and Construction


Ron Beattie of Beattie Passive

Ron Beattie of Beattie Passive looks at how their homes deliver the optimum in energy performance and quality standards. Their build system can deliver Passivhaus homes in any design, shape or style with up to 90% lower energy bills, healthier cleaner air and a more comfortable living environment.

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Custom Build: The Choices


Tim Crump of Oakwrights and Mark Stevenson of Potton

Custom build is a relatively new term used to describe a hybrid of small development with self build where a specialist developer works with a self builder to help them create their dream home. Mark Stevenson of Potton and Tim Crump of Oakwrights look at the custom build options they provide and help you consider whether custom build is for you.

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Bifold Doors vs Sliding Doors:
Which System is Right for YOUR Project?



Drawing on the company’s 20 years of experience, one of IDSystems' experts will offer advice and insight in how to choose the right product for your home. With hints and tips of what to look for in a system, key factors that will help you decide what is best for you, plus answers to some of the most commonly asked questions.

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Oak Frame Homes:
The Potential of Oak Framing and Encapsulation for Energy Efficiency


Tim Crump of Oakwrights

With the first Oak Frame Passive House in the UK built by Oakwrights in the last 12 months, Tim Crump, the company’s Managing Director will share his vast experience to arm the self-builder with the knowledge of the services and products on offer to achieve the highest standards of home building.

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Saving on Your Water Bills


Jae Lester of Rainwater Harvesting

Rainwater collected off the roof can be used for toilets, washing machines and outside use. It can also act as a Sustainable Drainage System (SuDS) to prevent flooding. To meet current legislation on water usage, rainwater harvesting provides a sustainable and sensible solution.

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Renewable Energy


Alex Driver of Orange House Renewables

Alex Driver from Stamford-based Orangehouse Renewables will talk about how you can integrate super efficient heating and ventilation into your home.

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Sunday 4 March

Why Build a Passivhaus?


Paul Smith of Green Building Store

Paul Smith offers an introduction to this leading international low energy and comfort building standard, with an overview of the key principles of Passivhaus design and looking at a range of factors that selfbuilders need to consider if contemplating a Passsivhaus build.

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Timber Framing:
From Forest to Finished Home


Alex Boulger of Carpenter Oak

Follow the journey that sustainable oak makes from the forest, through the timber mills, to Carpenter Oak, where they design and hand craft oak frames for cabins, homes and timber engineering on large public buildings.

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An Introduction to Heat Recovery Ventilation


Tim Bartlett of CVC Direct

All you ever wanted to know about Mechanical Heat Recovery Ventilation (MVHR) but didn’t like to ask!

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Steve Gunn

Find out how Peterborough self builder Steve Gunn came to choose self build to create his family's dream home. Steve will talk and answer questions about his self build experience and of working with Potton’s design, planning and build services.