Presented by exhibitors, our Masterclasses are an opportunity to learn from the experts


Masterclasses take place on both days of the Show

Below is the timetable for 2019. Each masterclass is approximately 30 minutes long. 

Masterclasses for the 2020 show are to be confirmed. 

Saturday 9 March

10:30 An Introduction to Passivhaus
and How to Simplify Passivhaus Design and Construction

Martin Rinvolucri of Beattie Passive looks at how their homes deliver the optimum in energy performance and quality standards. Their build system can deliver Passivhaus homes in any design, shape or style with up to 90% lower energy bills, healthier cleaner air and a more comfortable living environment.

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11:15 An Introduction to Heat Recovery Ventilation

Tim Bartlett of CVC Direct will tell you all you ever wanted to know about Mechanical Heat Recovery Ventilation (MVHR) but didn’t like to ask!

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12:00 Solar Power

Gareth Bevan of Solar Plants will be discussing the different options of solar PV; solar tiles, integrated solar, battery storage, EV charging and how these can be incorporated into your designs and plans from the outset.

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12:45 Oak Frame Homes: The Potential of Oak Framing and Encapsulation for Energy Efficiency

With the first Oak Frame Passive House in the UK built by Oakwrights in the last 12 months, Tim Crump, the company’s Managing Director, will share his vast experience to arm the self-builder with the knowledge of the services and products on offer to achieve the highest standards of home building.

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13:30 How To Get Best Performance and Value from High Performance Windows & Doors

Mike Shufflebotham of Green Building Store will explain the options to reduce cost or get best value, value engineering versus cost cutting, whether a higher specification can be more cost-effective, balancing aesthetics with value and performance and the cost implications of different door styles

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14:10 An Introduction to Insulated Concrete Framework – (ICF)

Steve Burgess of ICF Supplies Ltd will provide an introduction to the principles of the Insulated Concrete Formwork construction method from footings to finishing.

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14:55 Using Modern Methods of Construction to Provide Low Energy Homes

Sue Dewhirst of Evolved Design Ltd will be comparing the features and benefits of timber frame, SIP’s, ICF, Thin Joint Masonry and CLT (Cross laminated Timber) building systems.

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15:30 Renewable Energy

Alex Driver from Stamford-based Orangehouse Renewables will talk about how you can integrate super efficient heating and ventilation into your home.

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Sunday 10 March

10:30 Why Build a Passivhaus?

Paul Smith of Green Building Store offers an introduction to this leading international low energy and comfort building standard, with an overview of the key principles of Passivhaus design and looking at a range of factors that selfbuilders need to consider if contemplating a Passsivhaus build.

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11:15 Bifold Doors vs Sliding Doors: Which System is Right for YOUR Project?

David Clarke of IDSystems, drawing on the company’s 20 years of experience, will offer advice and insight in how to choose the right product for your home. With hints and tips of what to look for in a system, key factors that will help you decide what is best for you, plus answers to some of the most commonly asked questions.

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12:00 Renewable Energy

Alex Driver from Stamford-based Orangehouse Renewables will talk about how you can integrate super efficient heating and ventilation into your home.

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12.45 Funding Your Self Build Project

Tom McSherry of Buildstore will discuss how to secure funding for your project and how best to manage your money during the build.

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13:30 Saving on Your Water Bills

Jarred Lester of Rainwater Harvesting tells you how to save on your water bills. Rainwater collected off the roof can be used for toilets, washing machines and outside use. It can also act as a Sustainable Drainage System (SuDS) to prevent flooding. To meet current legislation on water usage, rainwater harvesting provides a sustainable and sensible solution.

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14:10 SAP Assessments and Project Estimating

Michael Copley of Build Aviator takes you through the Government’s method for measuring the energy rating of a building and how Build Aviator can help you accurately estimate the cost of materials, labour and plant tool hire required to complete your build.

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