Presented by exhibitors, our Masterclasses are an opportunity to learn from the experts.


Masterclasses take place on both days of the Show.

Each is between 30 and 50 minutes long. Below are details of the Masterclasses in 2017. Details of Masterclasses for 2018 will be available closer to the date of the Show.


Renewable Energy

Alex Driver of Orange House Renewables

Integrating super-efficient heating and ventilation into your home.

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Why do I Need MVHR and How Does it Work?

Tim Bartlett of CVC Direct

All you ever wanted to know about heat recovery ventilation but didn’t know what to ask.

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Understanding the Potential of Oak Framing and Encapsulation for Energy Efficiency

Tim Crump of Oakwrights

An opportunity to hear how and why oak framing is at the forefront of the self-build market from one of the most experienced oak framers in Great Britain.

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Saving on Your Water Bills

Jarred Lester of Rainwater Harvesting

The collection and storage of rainwater, its re-use within the home and garden to provide substantial savings on water bills, plus making your home more sustainable.

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Why and How an Integrated Design and Build of Your Project will Enhance Your Future Building Performance

Patrick Chester of Enhabit

How building performance improves - and you save time and money - when your designer is responsible for your build. And why you should think beyond the construction of your build to consider the entire future life cycle of your project.

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The Design Process Explained

Paul Newman of Potton

An informative and inspiring session on how to design your new home from start to finish. Understanding how you and your family live is key to establishing a design brief and this MasterClass will guide you in considering your budget, tastes and lifestyle requirements to help design your dream home.

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Why MVHR Design is Important

Tom Heywood of Green Building Store

How Mechanical Ventilation and Heat Recovery (MHVR) can optimise the heat recovery rate, minimise electrical consumption, optimise ventilation flow rates and reduce noise to a minimum.

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Plot Finding

Mark Stevenson of Potton

How to successfully find land and secure planning permission for your building plot.

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Simplifying PassivHaus - an Introduction to Ultra-Low Energy Home Design and Construction

John Palmer of Enhabit

Find out what PassivHaus actually delivers - and why you should concentrate on comfort benefits such as air quality, even temperatures and less noise, rather than just the energy bills.

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Effective Ventilation for Self-Build Projects

Greg Dimond of EnviroVent

Ventilation is an essential part of any new property. Learn from ventilation experts about the pros and cons of various ventilation strategies, the types of ductwork available and why the install and commissioning is crucial for the efficiency of the system.

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